Movie Scene - Coming June 28th.

Movie Scene will be released all the usual channels on 28th June. I started out with a really clear vision of what I wanted to achieve with this song. I wanted to share my love of the instrumentation of traditional country but at the same time reflect my own reality as a 19 year old British girl who loves Madonna, Cindy Lauper and Maggie Rogers.

Three chords and the truth is pretty hollow if it’s somebody else’s truth, Movie Scene is a reflection of that, it’s about my reflections on a short but beautiful romance from earlier this year, I’m lucky enough to live in the stunning seaside town of St Ives, in Cornwall and at one point I just caught myself in the moment, I Iooked around me at this guy, the golden sands, the beautiful clear blue sea and thought to myself, this is like a movie scene.

Presave links etc will be shared within the next couple of days.